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How to use Dcp computer program

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authors owor ologe daniel
year 2008
title How to use Dcp computer program
source none
summary How to use Dcp computer program


This manuscript may be useful to a person already having computer skills in Ms- Word processing and excel and some knowledge of data entry computer programs. The purpose of this is to equip a technician with knowledge on the use of Dynamic Cone Penetrometer symbolically known DCP. In Reference to the UK DCP 3.1 Manuel guide, field data obtained by conducting field Penetration on the Road surface can be appropriately entered, analyzed and report of choice produced. After being acquitted with field work, you can proceed to learn this computer program and be able to perform work without the help of individual. However, it should look simple after passing through the manuscript. At this time allow me present to you how successful you can market your self along side road construction with the knowledge of soft ware application.

Overall Objectives

To gain understanding of the UK DCP Computer program in relationship to its application

Specific Objectives

∑ To develop confident in the user of this manuscript to believe that the program is simple to learn (bridging the knowledge gap onto the user)

∑ To improve on the userís skill for marketable Job description

∑ To be able to interpret the final result for particular road section for a given layer

∑ To identify relevant fields of the dcp application


The presenter believes that at the end of passing over the manuscript , the attendant will have gained knowledge ,skills for user- industrial application and back-up or improve upon your computer literacy. The user manual will be helping you to avoid charring- off from opportunities and put you before further challenges.

Guiding Steps

I have assumed that this program is already installed onto your laptop or organization computer in preparation for effective data entry. If not you can down load using internet communication and net working using search engine eg Google.

Steps for entering date in already installed -dcp program.

You will need to check the icon of the UK DCP3.1 if present on the desk top perform the following in anon- varying order

Double click on the icon. This shall allow the program to open. It shall allow further to select, view and/or re-name the project (new project, open existing project) When you decide to select existing file, you will need to choose and/or scroll to priority project from which you double click on it. This will enable the project manage window to appear and also begin data entry from the Add tab, you will have to click on it and perform the following entry as recorded from the field note book ∑ ENTER Chainage as 100.026 instead of 100+026

∑ SELECT the Location based upon the offset from the Centerline of the road all measured in meters

(I) Carriage way should be < or = 3.00

(ii) Shoulder more than 3.00 but less than 4.00

(iii) Bus bay range from 4.00 to 7.00

(iv) Area such as access road position can be beyond 7.0 in place where there are Bus bay

∑ ENTER Offset eg 3.90 for shoulder

∑ ENTER Direction as RHS /LHS/CL based on the offset values

∑ ENTER Test Date 17/6/2008

∑ SPECIFY surface moisture ( unknown)

∑ ENTER Zero error not exceeding 200 but can vary between 0 and the maximum

∑ Ignore other entry since it was calibrated before but can be changed

Double click on penetration tab to start entry of the subsequent field values. In this case the zero reading indicating zero blows is normally entered first before other number of blows and penetration reading can proceed in the order of arrangement. Make reference to the data in table 1 at the appendix Finally click on the ok tab/ menu. The next step is actually another stage where the row will be analyzed automatically. It shall involve data processing with the maximum subsequent layers which may depend on the road design. The layers will indicate whether the contractor is using much on material at particular location. Click on analysis menu and select 3 layers instead of 2 on the top-down section. After this operation it will be possible to specify the layers as Base, Sub-base and Sub grade from the top- bottom. This operation originated from Clicking Calculating STUCTURAL NUMBER (SN) Click SN tab to produce and save layer strength analysis Finally click ok In case there was wrong entry you can edit it by clicking on the data menu before you can perform final stage of printing the report.

Printing the report

From the report Menu, select and click layer strength Analysis. You can print individual test result based on Chainage by clicking ok followed by clicking on the print tab. this helps to specify the Printer type. Eg Hp Laser 1320. It also enables you print various copies at once or /and even print many copies for different file system.


This method is suitable for interpreting of data and easy to apply in any computerized system. The only improvement I fill it can be of help to field works collecting data they to make use of global position system to locate position were density and dcp tests were conducted. This position could located later on by any research of interest.

Contact detail: doworologe@yahoo.com

Tel: +256772909660/+256703232110


keywords Dynamic cone penetrometer (DCP)
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