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  1. 100%; open w78:1997 Information Technology Support for Construction Process Re-Engineering
  2. 100%; open w78:1998 The life-cycle of Construction IT innovations. - Technology transfer from research to practice, Stockholm, Sweden.
  3. 100%; open w78:1999 Information Technology in Construction, Vancouver, Canada.
  4. 100%; open w78:2000 Construction Information Technology 2000 Taking the construction industry into the 21st century, Reykjavik, Iceland
  5. 100%; open w78:2001 CIB-W78 International Conference. IT in Construction in Africa 2001, Mpumalanga, South Africa.
  6. 100%; open w78:2002 Distributing Knowledge In Building, Århus, Denmark.
  7. 100%; open w78:2003 CIB W78's 20th International Conference on Construction IT, Construction IT Bridging the Distance
  8. 100%; open w78:2004 Integrated IT to Support Sustainable Construction, Toronto Canada
  9. 100%; open w78:2005 CIB W78's 22nd International Conference on Information Technology in Construction
  10. 100%; open w78:2007 Bringing ITC knowledge to work

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