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Paper ecce-2001-28:
Computer based AASHTO pavement design methodology

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Mohsen J P, Sabnis G, James M B

Computer based AASHTO pavement design methodology

Abstract: A computer expert system has been developed for design of flexible pavements(FLEXPAVE). The design procedure follows the latest AASHTO Guide for Design ofPavement Structures. The system evaluates required thickness for initial pavement designand the subsequent overlays. The system is an educational and training tool as well as adesign tool. The user is assisted in selecting design inputs by a rule-base expert system. Therules used to determine the recommended values are shown on the screen along with a briefexplanation during the design process. Help screens and various worksheets help the user inselecting design inputs. A sensitivity analysis option allows the user to investigate therequired precision for design inputs. The rules in the expert system are derived from the1993 AASHTO manual and related literature.

Keywords: Pavement Design, Flexible Pavements, Pavement Sensitivity Analysis


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