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Paper w78-2009-1-28:
Teaching Integrated Scope-Cost Methods with Model-based Tools

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F. Peterson, M. Fischer and T. Wingate, O. Seppänen, T. Tutti & R. See

Teaching Integrated Scope-Cost Methods with Model-based Tools

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to outline teaching integrated scope-cost methods in a course on fabrication and construction planning using model-based tools. Through project-based active discovery using project documents students create an integrated takeoff, schedule and cost estimate. The goal is to illustrate the processes and interrelation between professions required to effectively obtain the scope, schedule and cost of a proposed project. Students who are provided with a scope-time-cost technology tool in an inquiry-based environment are better able to grasp the core concepts of project planning and control and are less hindered by tedious calculations or look-up tables and manual compilation of project plans and analyses. The goal of teaching integrated scope-cost methods was achieved with the model-based tools. Students performed better on qualitative network analysis, scheduling techniques and planning. It was unexpected that students would not do as well on quantitative process model interpretation and creating a process model manually. The study is limited first by the constraints of course work limitations, second by hardware resources, third by software integratability and last a steep learning curve in integrated model-based systems. The use of model-based tools to complete a scope-time-cost project plan in a project-based learning environment is recommended. The level of effort to create a takeoff, schedule and cost estimate is reduced; the final product is better documented, of higher quality and most likely contains fewer errors.



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