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Paper w78-2010-45:
Energy Analysis Automation for Industrialized Construction Processes

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Tamás Rácz, Anders Rönneblad, Thomas Olofsson

Energy Analysis Automation for Industrialized Construction Processes

Abstract: Industrialized building systems such as Skanska ModernaHus or Skanska Exchange need advanced computer systems to support product configuration processes effectively. The project phases like capturing requirements, design document creation, performance analysis, scheduling and all other activities need to be done automatically at least to a certain extent or fully automated for the maximum benefits. This paper demonstrates the development of an automated building energy analysis software module which is going to be part of an experimental configuration system for Skanska’s ModernaHus concept buildings. The paper shows the process of software module development from identifying software requirements, through the selection of system architecture to implementation. The selected approach should provide adequate level of flexibility to support its re-use in other similar systems in the future. We conclude the paper with discussion on the operation and the integration of the module in a complete configurator system as well as on the first results of efficiency and on the possible further usage for design optimization. We also show through this experimental development how future design team roles may shift from classic design tasks to development tasks of product configuration systems for industrialized construction processes.

Keywords: Industrialized Construction, Automation, Energy Analysis, Configuration System


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