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Comparison of distance learning courses: A/E/C computer integrated global teamwork course and ITC euromaster

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Robert Klinc

Comparison of distance learning courses: A/E/C computer integrated global teamwork course and ITC euromaster

Abstract: Even though advances in information and communication technologies (ICT) significantly changed the way professionals in building and construction (BC) industry work, the dominant training method is still the traditional classroom lecture with all its drawbacks. In response to the demands from the AEC sector to improve and broaden the competence of engineering students in using new technologies while solving specific problems, in 1993 University of Stanford (USA) started an ICT supported distance learning course named Architecture/Engineering/Construction Computer Integrated Global Teamwork Course (AEC Global Teamwork). The mission of the program is to educate the next generation of professionals to be able to work in multi discipline collaborative environments and to take advantage of information technologies to produce high quality products in faster and more economic way. Positive feedback of the AEC Global Teamwork encouraged other institutions to introduce their own BC oriented dis-tance learning courses, one of them being ITC Euromaster. In autumn 2001, nine European universities started the pro-ject in order to develop an inter university postgraduate programme in information technology in construction (ITC). This paper describes similarities and differences of both approaches, presents results of the survey carried out among participants of both courses, and compares both of them from the studentsí point of view.

Keywords: engineering education, distance learning, PBL, ITC Euromaster


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