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Paper convr-2013-48:
The architecture development for the interoperability between BIM and GIS

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Kang T-W,Hong C-H

The architecture development for the interoperability between BIM and GIS

Abstract: The purpose of this study is to propose a scalable architecture that can be supported via the BIM (Building Information Modeling) on a GIS (Geographic Information System) platform for information interoperability between various heterogeneous systems such as BIM, GIS, and FM (Facility Management). This platform requires the acquisition of information from various data sources such as IFC (Industry Foundation Classes) and DBMS (Database Management System) if a use case for facility management, energy management, and design evaluation needs to be implemented, followed by a transformation of the information into appropriate information that can represent the perspective suitable for the use case. IFC may be considered a method for information interoperability, but it has a limitation in representing information in the perspectives of the use cases. Unlike the support of information interoperability based on the existing IFC, we would like to approach the problem of GIS- and BIM-based information interoperability by separating the problem in terms of geometry and property information. The geometry information is transformed into a simplified surface model from the IFC geometry information for that visualization of a number of objects represented in the GIS. The information required for the use case perspective is extracted and transformed from the property information by utilizing ETL (Extraction, Transform, and Load). ETL is a technology that extracts, transforms, and loads information from a variety of data sources and has been used for OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) function implementation via data mining in the management engineering arena to represent perspective-oriented information. In this study, we have applied ETL from the perspective of BIM. For this purpose, we have reviewed the related study trends and derived a general use case of BIM on a GIS platform. Further, component architecture is designed to implement the use case as well as a Star Schema to represent information according to the perspective for the development of a data warehouse. On the basis of these, BGP architecture is proposed for implementing the ETL concept using BIM on a GIS platform. Furthermore, a use case for the facility management of Korea Institute of Construction Technology is implemented as a prototype to show the usefulness of the proposed architecture. Thus, in this study, we demonstrate that information required from the perspective of project stakeholders can be interoperated effectively.

Keywords: BIM,GIS,integration,interoperability,perspective representation,ETL


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