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Paper w78-1999-2909:
Properties of the virtual building

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Christiansson P

Properties of the virtual building

Abstract: The paper discusses properties of future digital Virtual Buildings from the client, design, construction and operation and maintenance perspectives. In this context the author defines a Virtual Building as "a formalized digital description of an existing or planned building which can be used to fully simulate and communicate the behavior of the real building in its expected contexts".The paper focuses on: (1) requirements formulations of future Virtual Building models, (2) the necessity and possibilities to build redundant, overlapping descriptions of buildings and (3) why and how formal temporal building process properties may be included in the descriptions. The author believes that it is not possible or desirable to create a single non-redundant model to represent a building from concept to demolition. In this discussion an account is also taken of the influences of meta level information models, dependencies between multimedia presentation and application model views, the introduction of platformindependent Internet-based solutions, and the IT-support tools in future intelligent and responsive buildings.



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