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Paper w78-1992-495:
A realistic view to virtual reality: new possibilities in construction

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Wagter H, Smeltzer G, Roelen W

A realistic view to virtual reality: new possibilities in construction

Abstract: The world of computer aided design has been characterized for many years be a constant flow of new approaches and techniques. Itis difficult to recognize the real value of the different items. Some of these techniques are computer aided (stereo)imaging, animation, holography and virtual reality. These systems and thesetechniques are mainly used for the presentation of a final design.Because of the constantly improving performance of CAD systems andtheir users, these systems are more and more useful for the evaluation of several design proposals during the design process. However, because of the great impact that artistic images and advanced animations have on a presentation of a designit seems tobe more rewarding to use CAD systems for this purpose only. Even new techniques like Virtual Reality systems seem to be valued in relation with their presentation capabilities instead of their possibilities to support design modeling and evaluation during thedesign process. This paper describes the main results of research and development work on a Virtual Reality system. One of the results is a Virtual Reality application that will allow differentparticipants in the designprocess to work together in a virtual building on a scale of 1:1. This system, a multi user design system, will offer modules for modeling and for evaluation. With these modules this system will show that new media are not only useful for the improvement of design presentations but that they can also be used for the improvement of the building performance. Virtual Reality systems are based on different existing presentation techniques, like photo-realistic images, stereo-images and real time- animation. The added value of this kind of CAD systems is determined by a new kind of interface (a sensored interface) for the control over the animation, displayed through the head-mounted displays oreye phone and for the controlover a 3D pointer for the selection of commands and objects in a model. For a bett



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