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Paper w78-1988-189:
Modelling buildings anti classifying data in cad systems

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Howard R

Modelling buildings anti classifying data in cad systems

Abstract: This paper presents the results of some studies of data modeling and layering practice carried out for the draft British Standard 'Construction Drawing Practice - Guide f o r graphic representation by computer'. This standard, BS 1192 Part 5, is currently a draft on which public comments have been received but which will not be final until 1989. Its objectives are to complement developing international data exchange standards by guiding those designing buildings with CAD to organize data so that its structure can be transferred. It has three main elements: 1. Translation of system terminology into standard terms. 2. A simple representation of data structures. 3 . Guidance on allocating building data to layers. In the first study six of the systems most widely used in the UK were represented in IDEF IX data modeling format to show their similarities and differences, and the standard includes a simplified data structure which can be related to each of these. Typical variations are identified and system terminology is related to standard terms proposed. The second study looked at current practice in allocating layers or categories, both by FEDCAD in user groups and by CICA in individual members using CAD. A number of criteria for classifying layers were found and these included, in order of frequency: 1. Job specific elements. 2. Elements of drawings, eg. grids, text. 3 . Elements of buildings, eg. phases, floors, services. 4 . Standard element systems, eg. CI/SfB. 5. Types of drawing eg. plans, elevations, perspectives. The recommendations of the standard are that a common system should be used allowing flexibility in the numbers of layers. CI/SfB Table 1 and the Common Arrangement are seen as suitable systems appropriate to different stages of the design process.



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Permission to reproduce these documents has been graciously provided by the Lund University and the Swedish Building Centre. The assistance of the editors, Prof. Per Christiansson and Prof. Henry Karlsson, is gratefully appreciated.


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