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Paper w78-2001-11:
Case-based reasoning and information structures in collaborative design:the use of product models for information evolution

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Lindgren H, Popova M, Johansson P

Case-based reasoning and information structures in collaborative design:the use of product models for information evolution

Abstract: The objective of our research project is to build up further knowledge about some aspects of the rational application of IT within collaborative design. We intend to integrate the platforms of case-based reasoning and information structures. Therefore, we especially concentrate on the integration of techniques in the form of professional applications: CAD-tools, word processors, and general applications and the World Wide Web, on one hand, and standards for the AEC industry: standardized product models such as IFC, national classification systems i.e. BSAB, on the other. A neutral format facilitating this integration has been found in XML dealing with both structured and weakly structured data produced and needed in design and construction projects. We focus on the designersí information needs and discuss a [PJ1] prototype of an everyday tool based on product- model and process-model technology. The most important role of this tool will be to promote efficient and flexible information management through case-based reasoning i.e. search, retrieval, storage, and reuse of information. If this process is made more effective, preferably automatic, it will motivate the design team to store valuable information concerning the whole lifecycle of an artefact. Through the use of standardized product models, this information will be sharable and suitable for the purpose of future reuse and feedback. The more often the design information is reused, the more general and adaptable it becomes and first then the designers will be able to state that they have achieved information evolution. This scenario requires, though, strengthening of the quality in the design office: a quality system for evaluating the information before it is stored for reuse, consequent use of standardized product models and IT. Only then the designers will become successful producers, re-users, and providers of information and will consolidate their position in the construction sector.



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