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Paper w78_2007_69:
Real-time activity tracking system the development process

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Peter Podbreznik, Danijel Rebolj

Real-time activity tracking system the development process

Abstract: The paper describes the development process of the 4D-ACT (Automated construction tracking) system. The paper also discusses new potentials of the system regarding real-time information flow in a construction process. The 4D-ACT automatically recognizes the building elements from the building site and searches for matches between planed and performed activities. Building elements are recognized automatically from images, created with cameras installed on the building site. The 4D model is needed as the knowledge base of relations between the designed geome-try elements and activities in the process model, which ensures identification of activities on the basis of the recognized building elements. During the recognition process, the algorithm uses the 4D model for additional information, to be more successful. The concepts of the system and the algorithm have been tested in laboratory experiments and are pre-sented in the paper.

Keywords: 4D model, computer vision, pattern recognition, 3D reconstruction, activity tracking


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