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Paper w78-1995-371:
Modelling static and dynamic knowledge during design

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Drogemuller R

Modelling static and dynamic knowledge during design

Abstract: The IS0 STEP standards for product data modelling and exchange are based on the use of Express. Express has acknowledged limitations. Modifications have been suggested to extend Express (Express-E) into a more object-oriented language and to add rules as a means of encoding knowledge. The EDM group have presented solutions to many of these limitations for the modelling of buildings. This paper discusses BDeCS (Building Design and Construction System), an interactive system that supports building design and construction. BDeCS uses ideas from Express, EDM and the various knowledge representation formalisms developed in AI research. The initial development of BDeCS concentrated on the representation of knowledge within the system. The user interface was then developed around methods of interacting with the howledge in as "natural" a way as possible. Limitations of both knowledge representation formalisms from the AI field and traditional software development have been identified. The needs for extensibility and sharing of information among all of the members of the building design and construction team have lead to a software architecture that is unique. Methods of organising teams of people to work concurrently on the one project, while maintaining consistency of the data have also been developed.



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