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Paper w78-1993-2-391:
An information reference model for architecture, engineering, and construction

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Luiten G, Froese T, Bjork B-C, Cooper G, Junge R, Karstila K, Oxman R

An information reference model for architecture, engineering, and construction

Abstract: This paper describes the results of the information modelling work group from the International Workshop on Models For Computer-Integrated Construction in Finland, October 1992. At this workshop, researchers from around the world presented their individual modelling efforts. These models ' parallel goals and abundant similarities led the participants to combine their individual results into a single cohesive reference point to act as a basis for future work. The result is IRMA, an Information Reference Model for Architecture, Engineering and Construction. IRMA can serve as the core of a conceptual project model, which can be used as a framework for data standards, as a kernel for modelling and as a basis for implementing computer applications. It defines generally applicable relationships between products, activities, resources, and participants in a building project.

Keywords: computer integrated construction; project modelling; project model; data standards; object-oriented modelling languages


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