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Paper w78_2007_17:
What did you learn from practice today?

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Anita Moum, Tore Haugen, Christian Koch

What did you learn from practice today?

Abstract: The AEC-industry has been slow in turning the potential of ICT into increased efficiency and productivity. This is a phenomenon which can be observed in many countries, and in Denmark this issue has been recognized as a major problem for the further development of the AEC-industry. The public-private and nationally funded R&D pro-gram ‘Digital Construction’ was initiated in 2003 in order to establish a common platform for interchanging digital information and to stimulate digital integration in the Danish AEC-industry. This paper explores the relationship be-tween visions, strategies and tools formulated in the ‘Digital Construction’ program, and the first experiences of im-plementing the 3D work method part of this R&D program in an ongoing building project. The discussions in the paper are placed in the complex field between choosing strategies for integrating ICT on the national level, and the effects of these strategies on real life building projects. The knowledge gained from the experiences in Denmark could be a valu-able contribution to further discussions regarding strategies for integrating ICT in the architectural and engineering practice.

Keywords: building design process, integration of ICT, digital construction, effects on practice, R&D efforts


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