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Paper w78-2010-122:
Impact of Construction Technologies on Education in Denmark

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Jan Karlshoj

Impact of Construction Technologies on Education in Denmark

Abstract: An increased interest for the use of BIM in the Danish construction industry and an expressed need for students with knowledge on ICT have had impact on what students are taught in at the Technical University of Denmark. This is partly due to the Danish state started to require the use of BIM-models and handover of models in IFC-format in 2007. Since 2008 students at BSc. and MSc. level are taught more in interoperability and in BIM tools than in the past. To fulfil this demand a multidisciplinary course in "Advanced building design" has been developed at the Technical University of Denmark. The goal of the course is through project work to provide training in transprofessionalism and teamwork as well as using building information models at the final stage of the engineering education. Both students from the Architectural Engineering and Civil Engineering study lines have follow the course. The students had in teams to develop an outline and project proposal of building complex with a volume of about 40,000 square meters. In addition to prepare drawings according to the present requirements which are valid in ordinary projects, the students should as in Danish state projectshand-in BIM models in IFC-format and document results from the use of clash detection tools. Several experiences from the course have been gained. It is difficult for the students to work in multidisciplinary teams and make an outline and a project proposal without direct guidance from the teachers. The students underestimate the effort it takes to integrate components from different disciplines in a BIM model. The evaluations of the course by the students have been very ambiguous, since some have seen this as a good opportunity to learn about carrying out projects which simulate real building construction projects while others are very sceptical about working in multidisciplinary teams and see modelling as unworthy work for an engineer.

Keywords: MSc. education, BIM, mandatory use of BIM, choice of tools


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