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Paper w78-2000-556:
Integrating heterogeneous data representations in model-based AEC/FM systems

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Kosovac B, Froese T, Vanier D J

Integrating heterogeneous data representations in model-based AEC/FM systems

Abstract: "The paper addresses an information management issue in integrated product/process-model based AEC/FM systems. It introduces an approach to the management of heterogeneous representations of project information. The focus is on graphical representations of a building model used as a tool for accessing data from an already populated model in traditionally non-CAD-based applications. The proposed approach is based on the concept of controlled vocabularies -- thesauri. In this context, a thesaurus is used to control not only terminology but all different representations of entities comprising a building or project model. Examples of different representations include: graphical representations at varying level of abstraction, diverse graphic formats (vector, pixel, VR, video etc), graphics-text-audio as both alternative and complementary modes, visualised non-natively-graphic information etc. The approach is illustrated by a simple application, the first in a series of interrelated projects comprising an intended research. The application uses XML and an existing pilot thesaurus in the low-slope roofing domain for retrieving textual and graphical information from complex documents, sets of documents, and the Internet. The application should represent a proof of the concept to be elaborated in the future work and used for efficient and economical management of information in construction planning and facilities management applications within integrated model-based systems."



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