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Paper w78_2007_87:
Survey of benefits of a construction collaboration tool for contract change management

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Tejas Oza, Ming Sun

Survey of benefits of a construction collaboration tool for contract change management

Abstract: This paper presents the results of a user survey on the benefits of an Internet based Contract Change Management (CCM) system for NEC/ ECC project in the UK. The aim is to establish the views of different types of us-ers, such as clients, contractors, or consultants, about the main benefits of using CCM in their projects. The question-naire was sent to 260 users, and 85 valid replies have been received. Prior to the survey, a list of 43 benefits was identified under 8 categories: (1) Process improvement; (2) Business im-provement; (3) Risk management; (4) Communication; (5) Management information; (6) Efficiency; (7) Collaboration; and (8) Traceability. For each benefit, the respondents were asked to choose one of 4 possible answers - “Strongly Agree”, “Agree”, “Disagree” or “Strongly Disagree”. In addition to rating each benefit, the respondents were also asked to identify 5 most important benefits from the list so that an importance ranking can be established. The survey results have shown that the vast majority of the CCM users agree with the benefits provided by the system. Benefits re-lated to risk management are regarded most important. There are some variations in the answers from different groups of users, i.e., clients, contractors and consultants.

Keywords: information technology (it) benefits, collaboration tools, user survey, questionnaire, change manage-ment


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