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Paper w78-1999-2452:
An integrated decision-support system model for construction management executives

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Dikbas A, Morten B, Bayramoglu V, Yitmen I

An integrated decision-support system model for construction management executives

Abstract: In recent years, with the increasing popularity of the World Wide Web, integrated data management tools have enabled organizations to automate their management information systems. The application of information technology (IT) in the construction industry mainly involves planning, monitoring, reporting and similar managerial functions that, in unison, support effective decision-making. Istanbul Technical University's Project Management Center (ITU-PMC), was established as a research institution under the ITU Rectorate, with the main aim of planning, executing and controlling all construction projects within the university campus. One of the initial activities undertaken by the ITU-PMC, in enabling an efficient and effective management system was a research project concerning Management Information Systems for ITU Construction Projects. The objective of this project was to develop an integrated data management tool including decision-support utilities for communicating, organizing and managing project information using web-based technology and the network. This paper describes the model that was developed to enable the effective management of ITU's campus construction projects. The model entails an automated system for the effective management of multiple construction projects, enabling efficient budget utilization by offering an elaborate decision-support system for executive managers.



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