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Paper w78_2007_18:
A model-based approach to develop a dashboard tool integrating trust concepts in AEC

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Annie Guerriero, Sylvain Kubicki, Gilles Halin

A model-based approach to develop a dashboard tool integrating trust concepts in AEC

Abstract: In the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) sector, cooperation between actors is essential for project success. During the building construction activity, the organization of actors is both hierarchical, transver-sal and adhocratic. Moreover, the quality of cooperation is fundamentally influenced by the management of interde-pendences between tasks and between actors. In this context, the development of new assistance tools has to integrate these heterogeneous parameters relative to coordination and trust. We inspired about Model-Driven Engineering ap-proach to propose a models infrastructure integrating cooperation context modelling and views modelling. We develop on the basis of this infrastructure a dashboard dedicated to the building site coordinator. This tool currently in design stage provides indicators about the trust in the good progression of activity. Moreover, it would enable context under-standing by combining these indicators in a multi-views interface. Thus, the user could navigate in the context using multiple views like meeting report, planning, performance evaluation, or 3D mock-up, and obtain more information about a particular indicator.

Keywords: building construction, cooperation, coordination, trust, process modelling, dashboard, model-driven en-gineering


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