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Paper w78-2010-83:
Review and Analysis of Current Strategies for Planning a BIM Curriculum

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Maria Bernardete Barison, Eduardo Toledo Santos

Review and Analysis of Current Strategies for Planning a BIM Curriculum

Abstract: The process of introduction of BIM in schools has revealed that it is more complex than just to create a new course in the curriculum, as BIM has the potential to be introduced throughout the architecture/civil engineering program. The principles of BIM can be taught on the first two years through the integration of a BIM course with a Digital Graphic Representation Course. In the subsequent years, some BIM related concepts like teamwork and complexity can be taught in Design Studio and Building Technology courses. In the last year, BIM practices could be performed with actual construction projects in collaboration with companies through BIM content integrated with Management. This study provides a brief review of how some BIM courses have been planned, introduced, developed and evaluated in terms of prerequisites, goals, objectives, teaching methodologies, teaching resources, contents and teaching activities. Furthermore, this study presents information on the types and sizes of BIM models developed by students in these BIM courses and how the BIM models are evaluated by the instructor. Also, the main researches developed by BIM educators at universities are highlighted.

Keywords: BIM course, education, curriculum, architecture, civil engineering


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