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Paper w78-2010-135:
On the use of Building Information Modeling in Infrastructure Bridges

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Mohamed Marzouk, Mohamed Hisham, Sabri Ismail, Mohamed Youssef, Omar Seif

On the use of Building Information Modeling in Infrastructure Bridges

Abstract: This paper describes the requirements for applying Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions (IDDS) in bridges’ projects in EGYPT to overcome the problems arising from applying the traditional engineering and delivery methods and processes. These requirements are: forming a new delivery model; building an integrated team; changes in contracts and roles of project parties; implementation of new technologies as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and; changes and requirements for people, organizations, and educational resources. The paper then describes how to successfully implement Building Information Modeling on bridges’ projects by forming Building Information Modeling execution plan which requires four steps which are: identifying high value BIM uses during project planning, design, construction and operational phases; designing the BIM execution process by creating process maps; defining the BIM deliverables in a form of information exchanges and; developing the infrastructure needed to support the implementation.

Keywords: Integrated Design and Delivery Solutions, Building Information Modeling, Bridges’ projects


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