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Paper w78-2010-123:
BIM-Driven Economic Analysis for Zero Net Energy Test Home

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Yong Cho, George Morcous, Koudous Kabassi, Jill Neal

BIM-Driven Economic Analysis for Zero Net Energy Test Home

Abstract: This paper presents a case study that utilized a Building Information Model (BIM) for 5D cost estimation and theoretical energy analysis to support economic study of a research test bed called the Zero Net Energy Test House (ZNETH). The ZNETH project is being designed and built with the goal of consuming a negligible amount of energy by offsetting usage through energy conservation and residential energy generation. To offset the consumed energy of the household occupants, a wind turbine and solar panels were selected as the energy production resources for this project along with several sustainable materials and systems such as Insulated Concrete Foundation (ICF), Exterior Insulation Finishing System (EIFS), and a closed loop geothermal system. By integrating the highly graphical and intuitive analysis with a BIM of the house, this investigation introduces strategies to include such renewable energy options and sustainable building materials for the ZNETH to predict its economic benefits. The theoretically consumed and generated energy levels were analyzed. It was found that the current design of ZNETH does not have greater economic benefit than cost. In addition, this research conducted sensitive analyses for better design and construction material selection with various sustainable design alternatives. Finally, theoretical suggestions are presented to assist ZNETH in meeting its net zero energy goal and economic returns. Findings from this research will be used for designing ZNETH II which is currently under investigation.

Keywords: BIM, 5D cost estimation, zero net energy test house, energy analysis, economic analysis


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