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Paper w78-1988-135:
Expert system technology in construction management

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Jaggar D M

Expert system technology in construction management

Abstract: This paper describes the development of a micro computer aid driven by a suite of programs which allow the design identified solution for a given building project to be transposed into information reflecting the construction solution. The 'modus operandi' of the computer aid is the use of an Expert System which can access and manipulate data contained in a data base and to submit back to a data base, for subsequent user retrieval, information about the particular building project under consideration at various stages during its realization. The system is initiated by the creation of a design situation model which is held in a relational data base in the form of information concerning the descriptions and quantities of the finished work required to achieve the building project. The Expert System, through the logic contained in the inference engine, organises the design stated situation model describing the construction solution in terms of construction activities, the resources needed and their cost implications. Thus the system is intended to provide an interface between the product related design solution and the process related construction solution and has the aim of aiding the following: 1. Resource and financial management by design team 2. Resource and financial management by the construction team



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