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Paper itaec-2003-17:
Seismic behavior of high-performance fiber reinforced composite frames

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Kilar V, Krstulovič-Opara N

Seismic behavior of high-performance fiber reinforced composite frames

Abstract: The paper explores the possibilities to use a High-Performance Fiber Reinforced Concretes (HPFRCs) for design of seismic resistant cost-effective and durable buildings. Composite frame buildings are made through selective use of different HPFRCs: Slurry Infiltrated Mat Concrete (SIMCON), Slurry Infiltrated Fiber Concrete (SIFCON) and High Strength - Lightweight Aggregate Fiber Reinforced Concrete (HS-LWA FRC) which further minimizes dead and seismic loads. The first part of the paper briefly describes used HPFRCs and proposed composite building system consisted of composite columns, beams and specially designed fuses that connect the two. In the second part of the paper the results of the nonlinear static analysis of an isolated composite beam as well as of the nonlinear dynamic analysis of a whole four-story example composite building are presented. The response in terms of forcedisplacement relationships and rotational ductility factors as well as in terms of base shear, top displacements and global damage index histories is compared to the response of an identical classical four-story building made of reinforced concrete.

Keywords: fiber reinforced concrete, high performance fiber reinforced concrete, composite building structures, seismic behavior, frame structures, nonlinear analysis


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