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Paper w78-2010-19:
Visualisation and Research Strategy for Computational Spatial and Structural Design Interaction

Facilitated by the SciX project

Dennis Peeten, Herm Hofmeyer

Visualisation and Research Strategy for Computational Spatial and Structural Design Interaction

Abstract: At the department of Architecture, Building and Planning of the Eindhoven University of Technology, a new research project has recently been initiated with the goal to develop a research engine for studying the interaction of spatial and structural design processes. Each design process will be implemented as two separate configurable transformation steps; a conversion step and an optimisation step. The idea is to start with an initial spatial design and measure how the design changes after subsequent iterations through the conversion and optimisation processes. A significant part of the spatial-to-structural conversion step together with a first version of a visualisation tool have been implemented and both perform as expected. During the course of the research project, a first version of the complete research engine will be developed. The performance of this first version will be compared to case studies. Based on these results, adjustments and/or additions to the research engine’s transformations will be made. The final version of the research engine will also be used to experiment on academic designs in order to develop insights in the fundamental relation between space and structure.

Keywords: spatial design, structural design, computational design, visualisation


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