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Paper lc3-2017-144:
Automating the Creation of Facility and Energy Management Building Information Models

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Brandon Bortoluzzi, Daniel Sobieraj and J.J. McArthur

Automating the Creation of Facility and Energy Management Building Information Models

Abstract: Building Information Models (BIMs) are widely recognized as being valuable asset management tools, however the resources required to develop BIMs of existing buildings for Facilities Management (FM) purposes are a recognized barrier to entry. Significant developments have been made for generating geometrically complex models using scanning technologies, however the resultant models are often extremely large, requiring significant computational resources. This paper presents an automated process that uses 2D floorplans and elevation drawings to generate semantically-rich, BIMs with adequate geometry for energy simulation and integration of semantic data of specific value in day-to-day building operations management. The proposed approach is limited to the information available regarding the building and develops a model requiring minimal resources to both develop and maintain, while providing the flexibility for incorporating complex geometry when such information becomes available. A case study of a university campus is presented where 20 buildings were modelled using available 2D architectural CAD files (floorplans and elevations) to demonstrate and evaluate this approach. Process speed, accuracy, and resultant model quality are discussed, along with automation process limitations.

Keywords: Building Information Modelling, Automation, Case Study, Existing Buildings, Facility Management

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24928/JC3-2017/0144

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