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Paper lc3-2017-233:
Resilience Assessment of Interdependent Critical Infrastructure Systems

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Quan Mao and Nan Li

Resilience Assessment of Interdependent Critical Infrastructure Systems

Abstract: The resilience of critical infrastructure systems (CISs), in terms of the containment of spreading of system failures and function losses, and the effectiveness of post-disturbance restoration, is largely determined by how the CISs are interconnected and their interactions with each other. Despite the wide recognition of their significance in the literature, the impact of the interdependencies on the resilience of the CISs has rarely been quantitatively assessed, and the mechanism of such impact has largely remained unknown. This study models CISs interdependencies with two typical network-based models, simulates the destruction and restoration stages of the interconnected CISs under various assumptions and settings, and based on the simulation results assesses the level of resilience of the CISs with two typical resilience metrics. A case study was conducted in a middle-sized city in China. The results showed that the resilience of the CISs may be overestimated by more than 20% if interdependencies of the CISs are not factored in. The findings suggested that to conduct comprehensive damage estimation of extreme events and optimize the efficiency of post-event restoration tasks, it is critical to consider the interdependencies of CISs and appropriately account for their impact.

Keywords: Critical Infrastructure, Interdependency, Resilience, Resilience Metric, Cascading Failure, Restoration

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24928/JC3-2017/0233

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