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Paper w78-1998-13:
Management of dynamic projects within a virtual (paper-less) office

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Boughton G S, Futcher K G, Lloyd R H, McMahon M A

Management of dynamic projects within a virtual (paper-less) office

Abstract: This paper presents fresh directions currently being developed and implemented for project management of major works for the Highways Department of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (S.A.R). Techniques based on a new approach to computer-aided office practices and procedures, for office-based and on-site professionals and technicians. The intention is a replacement for previous technologies which are seen to be encumbered by outmoded traditional project information management processes. The Government of Hong Kong SAR gained considerable experience and immeasurable benefit from the use of IT, on what has been the world’ s largest infrastructure programme of the 1990’s, namely the new Chek Lap Kok international airport with accompanying arterial express routes. Through economic necessity, the Government plans to promote significantly more construction within the territory in the next two decades, with projects of comparable magnitude, commencing as the airport-core-programme reaches completion in 1998. What has emerged in the course of construction works since 1993, is a striking departure from traditional administration-centred-office-operations. It has become evident that project management processes must avoid being swamped by large volumes of project information and its dissemination. Disparate manual record keeping and paper document processing are a limitation and hindrance to collaborative tasking essential to any project. Computerised record keeping, status tracking and on-line project cost reporting are demanded as an essential panacea to these ailments. It is anticipated that full relief must be gained by implementing professional-centred-office, operations which provide full office automation: the creation of the ‘virtual’ project management organisation. The paper describes the practical research commissioned by the Highways Department to enable implementation of technologies for a practical information system to serve pragmatic people in the manner of a virtual project management organisation.



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