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Paper w78-2002-49:
An integrated platform for case-based design

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Popova M, Johansson P, Lindgren H

An integrated platform for case-based design

Abstract: This paper investigates methods for information management through the rational application of IT within design. Empirical knowledge plays a significant role in the human reasoning process since previous experiences help in understanding and solving new problems. Therefore, we intent to integrate the platforms of case-based reasoning (CBR) and information structures into an information management system for case-based design (CBD). In order to be of practical use, a CBD-system ought to handle all kinds of information created and used during the design process. Although the significance of standard product models is largely recognized today, heterogeneous weakly structured information e.g. construction briefs, calculation documents, 2D-drawings, and raw data: images, audio and video data, is still necessary in a CBD-system. We combine existing techniques (CAD-tools, word processors, WWW, etc.) and standards (IFC, XML, etc.) into a prototype of a tool for supporting the activities of architects and structural engineers. Structured information is represented by IFC; XML manages weakly structured information, while WWW deals with raw data. In this way, the heterogeneous information used in design can be managed and reused and CBD-systems can become a natural and valuable tool for designers.



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