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Paper w78-1991-26:
A framework for evolutionary information model development

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Willems P H, Kuiper P, Luiten G T, Luijten B F M, Tolman F P

A framework for evolutionary information model development

Abstract: Large scale information modeling projects, like the development of ISO/STEP, require a modeling approach that a new model not be developed from scratch but to base it on a more generic model which, in its turn, can be based on an even more abstract model, etc. The resulting structure shows a layered framework. On top you will find the most generic concepts and downward the more specific concepts with increased semantics. The benefits of such a model development approach are improvements in: version management, object orientated modeling, concurrent model development, controlled change, standardized interfaces, conformance testing etc. This paper describes an environment which supports the development of a new model out of one or more generic parent models. The generation process consists of two steps. In the first step entities of the parent models can be instanciated while constraining the inherited behavior and introducing new behavior. In fact this process is identical with instanciating run time objects from class templates in the object oriented paradigm. However, in our development environment an important (inherited) property of each entity is selfreproduction. In the second step, therefore, each instance is forced to represent its run time state into some kind of information modeling language specification. Appropriate measures are taken to guarantee that the resulting model will conform the behavior of its parent model(s). The paper will demonstrate this approach in a multi-layered example currently being implemented and will explore several implementation issues.



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