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Paper lc3-2017-320:
Cloud Based Project Management in the Greek Construction Industry: What Is the Distance to Cover?

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Yiannis Xenidis and Emmanouil Chiotakis

Cloud Based Project Management in the Greek Construction Industry: What Is the Distance to Cover?

Abstract: Cloud computing promises to revolutionize traditional construction project management through reduced costs and access to a project's central information platform from any device connected to the internet. Cloud-Based Project Management (CBPM) is designed to automate and standardize the various processes in the management of Engineering and Construction (E&C) projects by providing a cooperation platform for all project stakeholders, which allows real time updating of important information as well as reduction of time frictions in communication. This research is the first structured approach to investigate: a) the degree of understanding of CBPM from the Greek Construction Industry (GCI), b) the degree of incorporation of CBPM in GCI and c) the potential for further addressing CBPM in GCI, as well as the needed changes to the industry to achieve this incorporation. Research methodology comprised two stages: a) a literature review, which identified the benefits from utilizing specific CBPM tools and the necessary actions for integrating them in E&C companies, and b) an interview of 38 professionals that revealed challenges and opportunities of E&C organizations in the GCI with regard to the implementation of CBPM. The research's findings are indicative for the near future of CBPM in the Greek Construction Industry.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Cloud-Based Project Management, Construction Management, Construction Industry, Building Information Modeling

DOI: https://doi.org/10.24928/JC3-2017/0320

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