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Paper w78-2003-456:
Web services for crime deterrent design knowledge

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Wu S, Lee A, Aouad G, Fu C

Web services for crime deterrent design knowledge

Abstract: Almost every feature of a building can contribute to improving or reducing its security. The shape, position, layout and configuration of each building component can minimise or maximise its vulnerability. However, crime also has to be considered against other impeding design issues, such as the acoustic veracity, the thermal value, the maintenance agenda, the cost, and its environmental impact for instance. Perspectives of design are usually balanced between aesthetics, ecology and economism - a three dimensional view of design that acknowledges its social, environmental and economic roles. The 3D to nD modelling project at the University of S alford aims to produce an information model that will provide an open interface for any design application using Web Services technology to try to address this. Thus, enabling true 'what-if' analysis of the various design perspectives. This paper presents an overview of the research, and discusses the structure of the information model using crime deterrent design data as an example.



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