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Paper itaec-2003-19:
Nonlinear response of plain concrete shear walls with damage

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Yazdani S, Schreyer H L

Nonlinear response of plain concrete shear walls with damage

Abstract: During earthquakes, the natural frequencies of concrete structures are often significantly lower than those predicted by conventional linear elasticity. This can cause severe motion of piping systems because the design of support structures utilizes values of predicted natural frequencies. In an experimental program to investigate the problem, a further decrease in stiffness was noted for model concrete structures. In this study continuum damage mechanics is proposed as a constitutive model for describing both the changes in natural frequencies, and the reduction in initial stiffness of small concrete structures. Structural members made with brittle materials such as concrete experience damage under seismic excitation, which is reflected through altered natural frequencies for the structure. With regard to scale models, it is suggested that micro cracking as a result of shrinkage may be the source of the loss in initial stiffness. Shrinkage cracks are easily reflected in the constitutive equation as initial isotropic damage. Finite element predictions based on anisotropic damage mechanics indicate that the proposed approach may be practicable for routine engineering analyses.



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