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Paper w78-2010-136:
Using Business Process Management in Design Coordination for Construction Projects

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Mohamed Marzouk, Ahmed Al-Desouy, Moheeb El-Said

Using Business Process Management in Design Coordination for Construction Projects

Abstract: Engineering management plays a very important role in the economics of most developing countries. Nowadays, management is very common to all projects, while each design project has additional and unique set of design tasks. Project design failure occurs when one party (or parties) of the project team is/are unable to perform his/their contractual duties in presence of the project miss-coordination. In many cases, following a well-design management plan is a good attitude, compared to waiting for problems to occur and then try to react in order to avoid failure. Business project management has been proposed as a solution to provide insight into potential problem areas and to identify, address and eliminate them before they derail the project. The business process management interference in the design life cycle of a project is not to avoid all cases of miss-coordination and client requirements implementation (which are impossible) but to reorganize and manage them. The objectives of this research are: i) identify the main departments and their tasks, which can affect the project design life cycle generally for buildings and consequently the success or failure of the project coordination, ii) indicate the relative importance of every stage, iii) gather the activities affecting project management, iv) establishing a computer program in order to assist in project coordination, and v) develop practical recommendations and guidelines to avoid or decrease the effect of miss-coordination in design process. A detailed case study is presented to demonstrate the practical use of the proposed business process tool.

Keywords: Business process management, Engineering consultancy firms, Building project hierarchy


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