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Paper w78-2011-Paper-136:
4D models to support safe planning of hospital renovations

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T Hartmann

4D models to support safe planning of hospital renovations

Abstract: During hospital renovations, medical processes are, oftentimes, in progress at the same time as construction processes are. As a result, construction work may interfere with ongoing medical work. These conflicts often have undesirable effects on the vulnerable medical processes, in particular in relation to patient safety. Hence, during hospital renovation planning activities medical and construction experts have to work closely together to devise sound construction plans that align these two processes. To support such planning activities, this paper presents a method to model hospital renovation activities using 4D models that link a virtual representation of the hospital and several temporary objects, such as dust barriers, with planned construction sequences. We developed the method in an action research effort working closely together with architectural and medical practitioners on a hospital renovation project in the Netherlands. Throughout this action research we iteratively generated 4D models of the project and applied these models by supporting decision and communication tasks of practitioners in the ongoing project planning process. Next to the method itself, the paper also reports about some these first applications of the model that we were able to observe. These applications show that the method allows construction managers and medical specialists to develop 4D models that help to mutually evaluate the effects of a chosen construction sequence on ongoing medical processes.

Keywords: hospital renovation, safety planning, 4D modelling, action research, modelling process


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