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Paper w78-2005-kn-w1-0-huhnt:
Logic of Processes in Civil Engineering

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W Huhnt, P Racky & SM Holzer

Logic of Processes in Civil Engineering

Abstract: Processes in civil engineering are characterized by specific peculiarities. Projects are executed individually, and principles of mass production are not applicable. Contracts are concluded in which companies act in different roles from project to project. Local conditions influence a project. Constructions differ in design and building technique. Different types of buildings are planned and constructed by specialists working at different locations in different companies. The specific peculiarities are considered in project preparation phases where work plans are written out and rules for coordinated project work are determined and documented. A significant task in project preparation phases is the specification of schedules. Software tools are available for scheduling. However, the methods implemented in these tools do not support the development of processes. They are used to document the results: tasks can be subdivided into subtasks and ordered on a time scale with the option to specify interdependencies so that schedules can be specified. The workshop discusses a different approach where processes in civil engineering are treated in two steps. The first step addresses the logic of a process (planning). The second step addresses ways to assign time and resources to a process (scheduling). Other disciplines like software engineering profit from this distinction. In the workshop, the necessity, the usability, and the consequences of this approach for projects in civil engineering are discussed.



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