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Paper w78-1988-251:
Conceptual modeling of buildings

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Tarandi V

Conceptual modeling of buildings

Abstract: The MCAD project stands for "Material take off CAD". Four companies are participating in the project. ABV, SIAB and SKANSKA represent more than half of the Swedish contractors turn over, and ARCONA is a new Construction Management Company with a business idea of using a total computer support through the whole building process. The project is partly financed by the Swedish Council for Building Research (BFR) and SBUF. The aim of the project is t o structure the information in the CAD drawings and connect it to alpha numerical data in a generic relational data base outside the CAD system. The structure is based on the code table for building parts which the contractors have agreed upon a couple of years ago. Without such a common structure (accepted and used by everyone) it would have been impossible to get a flow of information through all phases of the building process.



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