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Paper itaec-2003-16:
Logical on-line hybrid computer actuator and quasi-static testing schemes of PC columns

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Zatar W A , Mutsuyoshii H

Logical on-line hybrid computer actuator and quasi-static testing schemes of PC columns

Abstract: A preliminary investigation of the feasibility of employing Prestressed Concrete (PC) for bridge columns in high seismicity area is conducted. Satisfactory observation encouraged the authors to verify the preliminary findings by employing a more logical realistic testing technique. A rational on-line hybrid computer actuator testing scheme of seismically vulnerable structures using multi-directional loading is developed. The scheme is utilized for testing three PC column specimens. The innovative findings verified the superior effectiveness of the idea resulting in its recommendation in the latest Seismic Design Code for Prestressed Concrete Structures, Japan. Moreover, for the sake of clarifying and modelling shear strength degradation of such prestressed bridge columns as their draft ratios increase, specimens with low strength ratios are tested using displacement-controlled quasi-static loading. By analysing the results, an insight of concrete shear strength degradation for PC columns is clarified and modelled.

Keywords: on-line hybrid testing, bridge columns, partially prestressed concrete, quasi-static testing, shear strength, displacement ductility


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