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Clarke P, Heathcote K

A longitudinal study into perceptions of the effect of I.T. on training, human relations and productivity as function of position, age, experience and gender

Abstract: The general aim of this study was to provide an insight into the effectiveness of Information Technology (IT) in computerised maintenance management, with particular emphasis on the effect IT has on training, humsan relations and productivity as a function of position, age, experience and gender. The study follows up on previous work carried out by Clarke into the differing perceptions of management and support staff regarding the introduction of a computerised IT system into a large public service asset management organisation in Australia. The framework technique developed in this study was used to identify trends in perceptions of such fundamental facets as efficiency of training and information technology, the effect of information technology on human relations within the workplace, the perceived impact of information technology on the efficiency of occupational performance, as a function of position (within the organisation), age, experience and gender. The empirical data was collected through structured interview within a large public sector asset management organisation. The data was collated and examined under categories of training, human relations and productivity as a function of position, age, experience and gender. Results obtained from this study were statistically analysed to measure the significance of variations in perceptions between management and support staff, younger and older, inexperienced and experienced together with female and male staff. The analysis revealed that all groups perceived IT as beneficial in terms of training, human relations and both qualitative and quantitative outcomes. The level of satisfaction supports previous researchers findings regarding the benefits of IT in terms of other quantitative and qualitative outcomes, in industry. Further research is suggested in the areas of satisfaction with training for new IT implementations, level of perceived control in occupational performance, level of quality of service provided and the level of output as a function of IT.



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Permission to reproduce these documents have been graciously provided by CSIR Building and Construction Technology. The assistance of the editors, Mr. Gustav Coetzee and Mr. Frances Boshoff, is gratefully appreciated.

Male, S. and Aspinall, P.

A Computerized Interactive, Interrogative, Analytical Decision Technique for Strategic Management in Construction Companies




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