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Harrison D, Donn M, Skates H

Applying web services within the AEC industry: enabling semantic searching and information exchange through the digital linking of the knowledge base

Abstract: The Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry is fragmented by professions separated by skill, stigma and distance. This fragmentation has created a dispersed knowledge base with knowledge gaps occurring within and between the professions. These knowledge gaps can only be overcome through the exchange of information and past experiences. Presently this exchange is reliant on manual communication, which has proven inefficient and open to misinterpretation. Web Services have been developed within the Information Technology industry to allow the crossplatform exchange of complex data. The application of this technology within the fragmented AEC industry holds significant potential. Research at the School of Architecture, Victoria University is exploring the integration of Web Services within existing databases to enable the searching, exchange and flexible presentation of relevant AEC information. Following industry feedback the aecBEDRock concept has been proposed which would enable the digital exchange and searching of valuable AEC data between professionals. The aecBEDRock concept utilizes the properties of Web Services and Industry Foundation Classes to create a digital AEC information framework that could bind the knowledge base of the industry. A stronger knowledge base would increase quality levels within the construction process through increased professional awareness and efficiency



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Series: w78:2003 (browse)
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