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Quadrel R, Brambley M R, Stratton R

An automated tool for evaluating compliance and providing assistance with building energy standards during design,

Abstract: In an effort to encourage the maximum cost-effective level of energy efficiency in new building design, energy-efficiency standards have become more location-specific and performance-based. As a result, standards often provide more than one path for ensuring and demonstrating that a design complies, but at the cost of increased complexity. Inaddition, the burden of remedying a noncompliant design rests on the designers' knowledge and experience, with only general guidance provided by the standards. As part of efforts in the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE's) Advanced Energy Design and Operation Technologies (AEDOT)project, a team at DOE's Pacific Northwest Laboratory is developing acomputer program known as the Energy Standards Intelligent Design Tool (ES-IDT). The ES-IDT is one component of a prototype computer-based building design environment. It performs automatic compliance checkingfor parts of ASHRAE/IES Standard 90.1-1989 and provides designers assistance in bringing noncomplying designs into compliance. This paper describes the ES-IDT, the functions it provides, and how it is integrated into the design process via the AEDOT prototype building design environment.



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