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Rowlinson S, Hadikusumo B H

Virtually real construction components and processes for design-for-safety-process (DFSP)

Abstract: Interpreting bulky 2D design drawings from consultants into a 3D mental picture for construction purposes is tedious. If only visualizing a 3D mental picture of the project creates burdens to user, then he will find more problems in integrating this information with other plans such as the construction process and safety regulations. In other words, it is difficult to add more contents in the 2D design representation. Virtual Reality (VR) aims to allow the end-user to view a 3D model of a project. So, contents of the design can be added, such as construction processes and safety plans, at the virtually real project before actual construction is undertaken. This paper discusses the virtually real construction model (component and process) of the Hong Kong Housing Authority standard block, specific developed functions of the virtual reality application and the role of a Design-For-Safety-Process (DFSP) for the purpose of site safety hazards recognition and remedial measures to prevent the occurrence of accidents.



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