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Toms P

Unifying product definition and standards represeatation with a specification-orientated organisation of design information

Abstract: This paper considers two apparently disparate problems to have the same conceptual issue at root. Firstly , the constitution of a model for building design standards and codes, from which different computer representations can be derived. Secondly, the content of a Generic Product Data Model, as a neutral representation on which to base the implementation of any data exchange technique. A specification-orientated organisation of design information is proposed as a basis for a unified approach to these models. The meaning of the concept of specification is considered in terms of representation as well. as content , and the concept of a product in relation to specification . The extent to which computer object- orientated database and programming techniques can model specification-orientated information handling in design is considered. The scope of STEP is discussed in this context . Some features of a standard for the creation and use of specifications are outlined as computer database requirements for hand1ing design information.



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Series: w78:1993 (browse)
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Class: class.software development (0.036340) class.represent (0.027809) class.synthesis (0.019619)
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