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T El-Diraby

Civil Infrastructure as a chaotic socio-tecnico systems support collaborative innovation

Abstract: The web is no longer just a media or communication outlet. It is morphing into a socioeconomic fact of life. The advancement of semantic web and the increased penetration of social are empowering people to harness their collective intelligence to create, collaborate and trade in knowledge. Starting from this observation, a scenario for community-based, knowledge-intensive environment for development and management of civil infrastructure is presented. The proposed scenario was inspired by similar trends in other industries and analysis of recent cases where the web influenced civil infrastructure development and planning. The proposed scenario embraces open, bottom-up decision making process where communities are empowered to develop, share and test ideas for infrastructure projects. Engineers and public officials are responsible for supporting the self-organizing emergence of these, expectedly, chaotic ideas. Putting the development process on the edge of chaos supports innovation and does not mean randomness. Consequently, it should be embraced by all. Accordingly, our analysis tools have to be geared more towards analysis of networks of people and their ideas; support autonomous evolutionary approaches that can collate chaotic ideas; providing communities with semantic-enabled analysis tools to support the generation of ideas; encourage the evolution of infrastructure Apps; and provide platforms for their dynamic linkage.

Keywords: infrastructure, collective intelligence, socio-technical system, networked knowledge, information system, social and semantic web.


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Ting S K, Wong H Y

Legal challenges & strategies in e-procurement in construction

Abstract: E-commerce is not wholly a technology phenomenon, though technology is utilized to facilitate the business processes. It changes the conventional workflow and practices. E-procurement in the Singapore construction industry is still in its infancy stage. Though Singapore construction companies should be encouraged to utilize informative technology (IT) systems, the potential legal challenges that surfaced while integrating these systems with the existing legal systems must be highlighted and understood to protect their corporate interests and assets. The perception of some Singapore construction players and application service providers (ASPs) on these issues related to lack of alignment in jurisdictions, legal liability, insecurity, confidentiality and service dependency risks were supported by the results compiled from the survey questionnaire conducted. The strategies namely legislation, self-regulation, technology and information security management to minimize the related risks and damages were recommended from a multidisciplinary approach. The mechanisms favored by the surveyors namely enactment of new law, interchange agreement, Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and education were further discussed. By combining the strategies, the construction industry can better avoid these legal pitfalls while transforming with the advancement of technology and enjoying the benefits of adopting e-commerce.



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Series: w78:2003 (browse)
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Permission to reproduce these papers has been graciously provided by the University of Auckland. The assistance of the editor who provided the full texts and the structured metadata, Dr. Robert Amor, is gratefully appreciated.

Woodbury R

What's in a part?

Abstract: Self-generating part-of hierarchies based on rules are proposed.



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Series: w78:1992 (browse)
Cluster: papers of the same cluster (result of machine made clusters)
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Permission to reproduce these papers has been graciously provided by Research Press of the National Research Council of Canada. The support of the editor, Dr. Dana Vanier, is gratefully appreciated.

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