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Vasiliki Manioti, Athanasios Chassiakos and Stylianos Karatzas

Safety Risk Assessment in Construction Projects Using Information Models

Abstract: The identification of safety risks in construction sites has been a major concern of project managers who need to develop proactive safety plans to reduce accident and health related risks. This paper proposes a method which combines BIM technology, virtual reality tools, and Monte Carlo simulation to reveal possible accident conditions and to assess the probability of accident occurrence with the aim to promote safety management and accident reduction. Within the context of construction projects, the construction site is dynamically modelled employing BIM software. A programming language (Visual C #) is used to represent the human/machinery movements in the virtual environment. Finally, Monte Carlo simulation is performed to analyse specific work scenarios which may lead to hazardous conditions and assess the safety level. The aim is to link the risk output with the BIM model and to develop a heat map of accident risk throughout the project allowing, thus, prompt and effective implementation of preventive measures for accident reduction or avoidance.

Keywords: Safety, Risk Assessment, BIM, Virtual Reality, Simulation


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Series: jc3:2017 (browse)
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