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Visual Simulation - An Appropriate Approach to Support Execution Planning in Building Engineering

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Konig, Markus; Beissert, Ulrike; and Bargstaedt, Hans-Joachim

Visual Simulation - An Appropriate Approach to Support Execution Planning in Building Engineering

Abstract: This paper focuses on a simulation concept to visualize and to analyze outfitting processes in building engineering. A constraint-based simulation model is used to specify dependencies between outfitting tasks, availability of resources and required work spaces. Further, the model is used to specify conditions of transport processes, delivery dates as well as time and cost restrictions. By using a constraint-based simulation model practicable schedules can be generated and visualized simultaneously. For example, execution conflicts such as restricted work spaces are highlighted. Afterwards, the simulated and visualized results can be evaluated in terms of work and material flow organization, utilization of space and worker’s efficiency. This constraint-based simulation approach guarantees a high flexibility. Thus, if additions or new prerequisites, for example, during project meetings are suggested, they could be easily implemented by defining or removing certain constraints such as requirements or production strategies. In the same manner, the current project status could be entered. Adjustable simulation components for transport control, spatial management, material management and assembling control as well as for visualization and animation are developed.

Keywords: visual simulation, constraint-based modeling, planning support, outfitting processes


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