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A Framework to Analyze The Effectiveness of Team Interactions in Virtual Environments

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Leicht, Robert; Maldovan, Kurt; and Messner, John

A Framework to Analyze The Effectiveness of Team Interactions in Virtual Environments

Abstract: Appropriate technology use has been shown to provide added value for team collaboration in the design and construction process. Evidence of this value has been demonstrated and measured using various techniques, ranging from the perception-based surveys of individuals involved in tasks to measured results of the collaborative tasks. Recently, several studies have focused on the effectiveness of these collaborations by measuring the different aspects of the discussion during team meetings. The measures of effectiveness employed, however, have focused primarily on the content of the discussions as a means of measuring the effectiveness. This paper explores the application of various coding schemes and metrics to quantitatively measure team performance during tasks which are performed in virtual environments and interactive workspaces. The proposed metrics are developed from theories in several related fields to show the opportunities for expanding the methodologies to measure the impact of virtual environment interaction. Finally, the framework is presented with measures to include the impacts of the virtual environment, and provide metrics which can be used to rate the level of effectiveness of team collaboration.

Keywords: virtual environments, coding, collaboration, communication


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