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owor ologe daniel


Abstract: Name: Owor Ologe Daniel Course: BSc. WST Reg. No: 02/U/747 Institution: Makerere University- Kampala Uganda DETERMINATION OF NUTRITIONAL CONTENTS IN CASSAVA VARIETY Overall objective The aim is to determine the nutritional content in the cassava variety Specific objectives To identify various varieties of cassava plants To establish the nutritional contents in cassava tubers of different varieties To examine the socio- economic impact of cassava species of the community To assess the environmental impact on the growth of cassava plants The Problem statement For many years, most Ugandans particularly the eastern and northern including Buganda region depend heavily on cassava as the staple food and supplement of deity. However, of past recent they where cases of cassava mosaic attacking the plant leaves and retarding the growth and development of cassava. When research was carried out, anew persistent variety replaced the one which was good, delicious could be eaten both row and cooked form. Now days there is problem of the new introduced variety that it can only be eaten when matured, dried and find difficulty to get soft on cooking. When used in row form causes stomach problem, heartburn and leads to serious sickness that may result into death. Also, the domestic animals when they eat these leaves, cassava peels and a lot of cassava suffer from diahhora and die suddenly. The poor people end up eating the dead goats’ or cow’s meat without knowing the acidic content in the meat. I guess it may have a side effect on the population so the public is getting concern of such variety (matunjo). Therefore nothing much has been done to advice farmers upon these varieties. The Significance of the study To assist cassava farmers in assessing and using the adequate nutritional values derived from cassava and avoid the dangerous variety, which could have been used for other values. To ensure better healthy conditions, maintain and sustain food security among the population so that they are available for perpetuity to the future generation. To find out ecological viable, adaptable and resistant variety to a given environmental conditions. Limiting factors Insufficient funding so your support is welcome to implement the programmes Varieties may be hard to find but hopeful with good funding these can’t be a problem



Full text: Nutritional contents in cassava variety, over objectives, specific objectives,the problem statement, the signif icance of the study and limitations (available to registered users only)

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