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Paper 3010:
Development of a 3D Highway Modeler using a Driving Game Interface

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Makanae, Koji

Development of a 3D Highway Modeler using a Driving Game Interface

Abstract: This paper outlines a 3D highway geometric modeling method based on a parametric model involving curvature and gradient functions. Using this method, conditions concerning design standards are input to a computer as numerical functions, with the design velocity, curvature and gradient as variables. We also developed a 3D highway modeler using a driving game interface. To evaluate the interface of the modeler, we conducted experiments and compared the results with those using the mouse-based system in the previous study. As a result, we showed that the system using the driving game interface outperformed the mouse-based system in most categories.

Keywords: highway geometry, product model, driving game interface, CAD, 3D modeling


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Series: convr:2007 (browse)
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